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chodská vlna

Milan Tesař (music editor of the Radio Proglas)   

the bands that are re-working the moravian folklore into modern form, either from "slovácko", "valašsko", or "haná", count on tens. it is because in moravia the folklore remains more living than in bohemia. Then again, when I visited Chodsko in the summer 2006, for the first time in my life, I suddenly realized that this small district could easily act up to much more extensive district of south moravia. the tradition here is kept not only in music or in local dialect, but also in number of women wearing the traditional costumes on when going to sunday's church. no wonder that it was on Chodsko where the band emerged that arranged the local songs in the modern way, the band that plays these songs with great success even abroad. chodská vlna is next proof that folklore does not belong to museums and archives, that folklore is reshaping and living on.

(free translation of the original written in czech)

Jiří moravský Brabec   

I must admit that my relationship to Chodsko people is ambivalent. border guards watching the line against the enemy who actually did not represent any danger on one hand, and refusing the corvée on the other. well, stubborn heads. it is true I have always had a great respect how such a small and poor district can keep its folklore individuality. stubborness is culturaly conservative.

we live in the era when there grow trends for connection of black rhythms, throat voices by siberian medicine men, and australian didgeridoo, just to perform in this setup czech people song featuring latino-america rhythms and gangsta hip hop. I am glad that chodská vlna exists and that they combine strictly regional folklore material with old-fashioned rock sound in a transparent and yet strong way. and that they refresh even us in moravia where we are right away from klenčí. that is, stubborness is culturaly conservative and progressive at the same time.

(free translation of the original written in czech)

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